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What is Malocclusion?

Q: Malocclusion is what?

It is a variation of normal growth and development, or improper positioning of the teeth and jaws. This can affect the bite, gum tissue, jaw growth, speech development, appearance, and ability to clean teeth properly.

Q: Malocclusion is caused by what?

The shape and size of the face, jaws and teeth are determined mostly by inheritance. Heredity and environmental factors play a role in developing malocclusions. Your pediatric orthodontist is well trained to handle these problems.

Q: If you have Malocclusion, how long does it take to repair it?

Your pediatric dentist will provide an estimate of the amount of time required, as every child is unique and must be treated individually. In difficult malocclusions the treatment is divided into phases, which are scheduled to correspond to your child’s growth and development.

Q: Can malocclusion be corrected with appliances?

Removable and fixed appliances are used to correct malocclusion. Removable appliances are made of wires and plastic and can be removed. Some fit the upper and lower teeth at the same time. The success depends on the patient’s cooperation in wearing the appliance. An advantage of removable appliances is that they are easier to clean. Fixed appliances are “braces”, which are attached directly to the teeth, which better controls tooth movement. The patient must maintain good oral hygiene while wearing these to prevent cavities in areas where food collects around these appliances.



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